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The research methodology of 78 double-blind studies comparing benzodiazepines and placebo in treating neurotic anxiety is critically reviewed. Many faults are noted in areas of subject selection, assessment of clinical response, study design and data analysis. Although 56.4% of the studies reviewed had results demonstrating a significant difference in(More)
Postnatal deprivation is associated with neurocognitive delay/dysfunction. Although "catch up" in global cognition following adoption has been reported, this study examined the incidence of specific absolute impairment in adopted children with intact global cognitive functioning. Eighty-five children (38 males, mean age = 112.8, SD = 30.3 months; range(More)
BACKGROUND Studies of the relationship between ultrasound images from preterm newborns and developmental delay most often are based on small samples defined by birth weight and exclude infants not testable with standardized assessments. METHODS We evaluated associations between ultrasound-defined lesions of the brain and developmental delays at 24 months'(More)
  • K Solomon
  • 1977
There have been periodic case reports of sudden death due to aspiration or asphyxiation in patients receiving phenothiazines. The mechanism of death is unknown. The author reports a case of a drug-induced bulbar palsy-like syndrome in a man receiving fluphenazine enanthate and reviews the literature on sudden respiratory death and phenothiazines. He(More)
The execution phase of apoptosis is under the control of members of the inhibitor of apoptosis (IAP) family of zinc finger proteins. Several of these proteins contain a C-terminal RING (really interesting new gene) domain that has been postulated to regulate ubiquitination of themselves or their target proteins, thereby modulating thresholds for apoptosis.(More)