Katherine M. Smith

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BACKGROUND Cranial neural-crest (CNC) cells originate from the lateral edge of the anterior neuroepithelium and migrate to form parts of the peripheral nervous system, muscles, cartilage, and bones of the face. Neural crest-cell migration involves the loss of adhesion from the surrounding neuroepithelium and a corresponding increase in cell adhesion to the(More)
ADAMs are membrane-anchored proteases that regulate cell behavior by proteolytically modifying the cell surface and ECM. Like other membrane-anchored proteases, ADAMs contain candidate "adhesive" domains downstream of their metalloprotease domains. The mechanism by which membrane-anchored cell surface proteases utilize these putative adhesive domains to(More)
BACKGROUND Latinas experience more depression and are less likely to receive mental health support than White women or African American women. OBJECTIVE This article synthesizes the research on depression in adult Latinas of Mexican origin residing in the United States. STUDY DESIGN MEDLINE (PubMed), The Cumulative Index of Nursing and Allied Health(More)
BACKGROUND There are over 700 known arboviruses and at least 80 immunologically distinct types that cause disease in humans. Arboviruses are transmitted among vertebrates by biting insects, chiefly mosquitoes and ticks. These viruses are widely distributed throughout the world, depending on the presence of appropriate hosts (birds, horses, domestic animals,(More)
The immunogenicity and safety of three novel host-range vaccines containing deletions in the transmembrane domain of dengue virus serotype 2 (DV2) E glycoprotein were evaluated in African green monkeys. The shorter transmembrane domains are capable of functionally spanning an insect but not a mammalian cell membrane, resulting in production of viral mutants(More)
We show that the natural action of the absolute Galois group on the ideals defining principal congruence subgroups of certain nonarithmetic Fuchsian triangle groups is compatible with its action on the algebraic curves that these congruence groups uniformize. Grothendieck, see [Schn], sketched a program for the investigation of the absolute Galois group(More)
BACKGROUND Asthma is a disease of varying severity and differing disease mechanisms. To date, studies aimed at stratifying asthma into clinically useful phenotypes have produced a number of phenotypes that have yet to be assessed for stability and to be validated in independent cohorts. The aim of this study was to define and validate, for the first time(More)
The aim of this study was to determine if 31 women with cervical dysplasia and associated conditions exacerbated by smoking would be successful substituting cigarettes with their choice of either nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) or electronic cigarettes (EC). Women received motivational interviewing and tried both NRT and ECs, choosing one method to use(More)
OBJECTIVE Recent studies point to the clinical and research utility of saliva as a valuable diagnostic aid for monitoring periodontal health. The objectives of this study were to detect novel biomarkers attributed to chronic inflammation in saliva and to determine if the levels of these markers correlate with severity of periodontitis and with standard(More)
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