Katherine M. Sheehan

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Activation of the noncanonical inflammasome, mediated by caspase-11, serves as an additional pathway for the production of the proinflammatory cytokines IL-1β and IL-18. Noncanonical inflammasome activity occurs during host defense against Gram-negative bacteria and in models of acute septic shock. We propose that the noncanonical inflammasome is activated(More)
Aberrant turnover of memory CD4+ T-cells is central to Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS) progression. Understanding the relationship between the turnover of CD4+ subsets and immunological homeostasis during simian immunodeficiency virus (SIV) infection in natural hosts may provide insight into mechanisms of immune regulation that may serve as models(More)
Ceramide synthase 5 is involved in the de novo synthesis of ceramide, a sphingolipid involved in cell death and proliferation. In this study, we investigated the role of ceramide synthase 5 in colorectal cancer by examining ceramide synthase 5 expression, clinico-pathological parameters and association with survival/death signalling pathways in cancer.(More)
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