Katherine L. Schaefer

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Bladder cancer is often characterized by a multifocal growth pattern. This observation has given rise to the hypothesis of "field cancerization," predicting a polyclonal origin of multiple tumors rising from an area of independently transformed mucosa cells. On the other hand, genetic studies suggested a monoclonal origin. To address these contradictory(More)
PURPOSE Acute gastrointestinal syndrome (AGS) resulting from ionizing radiation causes death within 7 days. Currently, no satisfactory agent exists for mitigation of AGS. A peptide derived from the receptor binding domain of fibroblast growth factor 2 (FGF-P) was synthesized and its mitigation effect on AGS was examined. METHODS AND MATERIALS A subtotal(More)
The T cell coreceptors CD4 and CD8 enhance T cell responses to TCR signals by participating in complexes containing TCR, coreceptor, and MHC molecules. These ternary complexes are also hypothesized to play a seminal role during T cell development, although the precise timing, frequency, and consequences of TCR-coreceptor-MHC interactions during positive(More)
The maturation of T cells is an intricate process involving the interaction of developing thymocytes with discrete microenvironments within the thymus. Numerous studies have indicated that distinct thymic compartments provide signals required for each stage of thymocyte maturation. In this study we performed a comprehensive analysis of the expression(More)
Salmonella infections can become chronic and increase the risk of cancer. The mechanisms by which specific Salmonella organisms contribute to cancer, however, are still unknown. Live and attenuated Salmonella are used as vectors to target cancer cells, but there have been no systematic studies of the oncogenic potential of chronic Salmonella infections in(More)
Activating synthetic ligands for peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma (PPARγ), such as pioglitazone, are commonly used to treat persons with diabetes mellitus with improvement of insulin resistance. Several reports have clearly demonstrated that PPARγ ligands could inhibit colorectal cancer cell growth and induce apoptosis. Meanwhile, aberrant(More)
Rebecca Nowacek, in her 2009 paper, " Why Is Being Interdisciplinary so Very Hard to Do? Thoughts on the Perils and Promise of Interdisciplinary Pedagogy, " suggests that instructors can highlight disciplinary differences in genre expectations as a way to help students understand writing more deeply. In this paper, Nowacek describes her observations of a(More)
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