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Sporozoite vaccination of both humans and rodents elicits potent anti-malarial immunity, but the dose of sporozoites and the number of immunizations required varies with vaccination approach. Here we examine the immunological basis for superior protection afforded from single-dose vaccination with virulent sporozoites administered under prophylatic(More)
Human infection with Plasmodium parasites remains a serious global health crisis, leading to more than 600,000 deaths annually. Currently, no licensed vaccine is available to alleviate this malaria disease burden and vaccination with the most advanced antimalarial vaccine candidate, RTS,S, provides limited protection that wanes over time. To date, the only(More)
CD8 T cells are critical mediators of protection against Plasmodium liver-stage infection. Most studies of the CD8 T cell response to whole parasite Plasmodium vaccines address a single T cell epitope in BALB/c mice, and thus provide limited information. Here, we describe a surrogate activation marker approach that uses the coordinate downregulation of the(More)
Despite decades of research, malaria remains a global health crisis. Current subunit vaccine approaches do not provide efficient long-term, sterilizing immunity against Plasmodium infections in humans. Conversely, whole parasite vaccinations with their larger array of target Ags have conferred long-lasting sterilizing protection to humans. Similar studies(More)
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