Katherine Kintner

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Microorganisms of the genus Abiotrophia, members of the oral flora, are known as important causes of bacterial endocarditis. In this study, we report two individual cases of acute vitreous infection caused by Abiotrophia adiacens and Abiotrophia defectiva approximately a week after cataract extraction. Abiotrophia isolates were recovered by cultivation of(More)
Inhibition of LIGHT (a cellular ligand for herpes virus entry mediator and lymphotoxin receptor)/herpes simplex virus entry mediator (HVEM) and LIGHT/lymphotoxin beta receptor (LT beta R) interactions decreases mortality in MHC class I and II disparate graft-vs-host disease (GVHD). The present studies assessed the effects of these interactions on the(More)
The present studies assessed the level of tumor necrosis factor receptor (TNFR) expression in peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) subsets from patients with chronic HCV undergoing interferon α/ribavirin-based therapy (Ifn/R). Methods. TNFR family member mRNA expression was determined using quantitative real-time PCR assays (RTPCRs) in PBMC from 39(More)
The relationships of O2 tension in mesenteric lymph (PmlO2) and mesenteric venous blood (PmvO2) to intestinal O2 delivery/O2 consumption (DO2/VO2) were examined after graded hemorrhage (10 dogs), stepwise increments in FIO2 (4 dogs), and regional infusion of papaverine (2 mg/min or IV glucagon (25 microgram/kg) (4 dogs). Measurements included superior(More)
To ascertain the contribution of the liver to thoracic duct lymph (TDL) flow in a resting subject, afferent hepatic blood flow was temporarily interrupted in dogs by placing an atraumatic clamp across the hepatoduodenal ligament containing the hepatic artery, portal vein and 80% of hepatic lymphatic drainage. To circumvent extrahepatic splanchnic venous(More)
In 17 greyhound dogs, hepatic oxygenation was examined after hepatic artery ligation (HAL) and subsequent administration of pharmacologic dosages of glucagon during various hemodynamic maneuvers at different per cents of oxygen in the inspired air. Measurements included arterial and portal pressure, PO2 and O2 content of arterial, portal and hepatic venous(More)
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