Katherine Jones

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Numerical procedures are presented for the systematic computation of unsteady ows over moving airfoils or airfoil combinations, and these procedures are applied to the investigation of apping-wing propulsion and power extraction. Flow solutions about single foils are computed using an unsteady, two-dimensional panel code coupled with a boundary layer(More)
AIM The aim of this study was to identify mild cognitive deficits in Parkinson's disease (PD) prior to extensive neurodegeneration and to evaluate the extent to which dopamine depletion and other disease-related predictors can explain cognitive profiles. METHODS Neuropsychological performances of 40 nondemented early-stage PD patients and 42 healthy(More)
Rhythm is important in the production of motor sequences such as speech and song. Deficits in rhythm processing have been implicated in human disorders that affect speech and language processing, including stuttering, autism, and dyslexia. Songbirds provide a tractable model for studying the neural underpinnings of rhythm processing due to parallels with(More)
A virtual wind tunnel is developed by combining a fast, time-stepping ow solver with an interactive animation interface. Inviscid, incompressible ow solutions are provided by an unsteady, potential-ow code with arbitrary airfoils undergoing forced or aeroe-lastic motions. Aeroelastic response is predicted by a two-degree-of-freedom spring/mass system(More)
Flapping-wing propulsion is investigated experimentally and numerically with direct comparisons between experimental and numerical thrust measurements for several geometrically simple conngurations. Numerical simulations are performed using linear theory, and a previously developed, unsteady panel method that models one or two independently moving airfoils(More)
Cooperative care is a relatively new treatment model that seeks to improve quality, conserve resources, and manage chronic conditions by providing patient and carepartner education in a homelike setting. Support from health care professionals is immediately available as patients and carepartners learn the skills needed to manage a disease and its treatment.(More)
Treeshelters are individual seedling protectors that can accelerate height growth of native California oaks. There is concern, however, that this growth may occur at the expense of the roots, resulting in poor long-term field performance. This study could detect no differences between protected and unprotected seedlings in shoot weight, root weight or(More)