Katherine Jones

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AIM The aim of this study was to identify mild cognitive deficits in Parkinson's disease (PD) prior to extensive neurodegeneration and to evaluate the extent to which dopamine depletion and other disease-related predictors can explain cognitive profiles. METHODS Neuropsychological performances of 40 nondemented early-stage PD patients and 42 healthy(More)
Rhythm is important in the production of motor sequences such as speech and song. Deficits in rhythm processing have been implicated in human disorders that affect speech and language processing, including stuttering, autism, and dyslexia. Songbirds provide a tractable model for studying the neural underpinnings of rhythm processing due to parallels with(More)
Twenty-seven percent of academics in UK Higher Education (HE) are in Teaching-Focussed positions, making major contributions to undergraduate programmes in an era of high student expectations when it comes to teaching quality. However, institutional support for Teaching-Focussed academics is often limited, both in terms of peer networking and opportunities(More)
Data warehousing is an information systems environment, rather than a product. It has emerged as an essential business entity for sophisticated analysis of data. This article presents a clear overview of the implications of data warehousing for business. T he need for analysing corporate data for ¼ The user community of operational data is different from(More)