Katherine J. Sanders

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The purpose of this study was to examine differences in experienced typists' performance, posture, and musculoskeletal pain when using a split, adjustable (SA) computer keyboard and when using a standard flat keyboard. In addition, the use of a wrist rest was examined for performance, posture, and musculoskeletal pain effects. Eighteen participants were(More)
  • Rebecca Brent, Richard Felder, Thomas Regan, Ardie Walser, Chris Carlson-Dakes, Donald Evans +3 others
  • 2001
Pressures are building to reform American engineering education, not least of which is the impending adoption of Engineering Criteria 2000 as the default accreditation system. Teaching methods more effective than the traditional chalk-and-talk will be needed to equip engineering graduates with the technical, communication, and interpersonal skills specified(More)
OBJECTIVE To ascertain patients' attitudes to embryo donation for research purposes. DESIGN Anonymous questionnaire survey. PARTICIPANTS AND SETTING 235 couples who had embryos in storage at Concept Fertility Centre on 30 March 2003 that had been cryopreserved between 1 January 2000 and 30 June 2002. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES Participants' choices with(More)
A specialized behavior, oviposition, is produced by the eighth and ninth abdominal segments of female grasshoppers. To begin to understand how these segments produce the behavior, which is not displayed by males or pregenital regions of the abdomen in females, the structure and function of efferent neurons in abdominal ganglia of both sexes were examined.(More)
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