Katherine HR Tkaczuk

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PURPOSE This study was designed to determine whether increasing the dose of doxorubicin in or adding paclitaxel to a standard adjuvant chemotherapy regimen for breast cancer patients would prolong time to recurrence and survival. PATIENTS AND METHODS After surgical treatment, 3,121 women with operable breast cancer and involved lymph nodes were randomly(More)
The taxanes (paclitaxel and docetaxel) represent an important class of antineoplastic agents that interfere with microtubule function leading to altered mitosis and cellular death. Paclitaxel (Taxol(®)) was originally extracted from a yew tree (Taxus spp., Taxaceae) a small slow-growing evergreen, coniferous tree. Due to the initial scarcity of paclitaxel,(More)
BACKGROUND Three theoretical models by which social support may influence the impact of stressful life events on cancer patients' psychological state were tested: 1) the additive model, in which social support and stressful life events each directly influence cancer patients' adjustment, irrespective of the magnitude of the other; 2) the buffering(More)
BACKGROUND Previous studies indicate that suramin may be an active agent for treatment of solid tumors. The clinical use of suramin is complicated by a broad spectrum of toxic effects and complex pharmacology. Studies have suggested that the dose-limiting neurotoxicity of this agent is closely related to sustained plasma drug concentrations of 350(More)
PURPOSE This study aimed to (1) develop a population pharmacokinetic model for suramin; (2) use Bayesian methods to assess suramin pharmacokinetics in individual patients; (3) use individual patients' pharmacokinetic parameter estimates to individualize suramin dose and schedule and maintain plasma suramin concentrations within predetermined target ranges;(More)
Obesity is a well-known risk factor for postmenopausal breast cancer. In contrast, the relationship between obesity and stage of breast cancer at diagnosis is less clear. We hypothesized that increased breast size in obese women may delay discovery of breast tumors. Thus, the purpose of our study was to examine whether there is an association between body(More)
Myocet (TLC D-99) is a liposomal formulation of the anti-neoplastic drug doxorubicin with an improved therapeutic index compared with conventional doxorubicin. The objective of this study was to assess the plasma disposition of doxorubicin when administered i.v. as TLC D-99 and to compare this to conventional drug. Metabolite (doxorubicinol) plasma levels(More)
PURPOSE This phase I study was designed with the following objectives: (1) to describe the overall and dose-limiting toxicity (DLT) of suramin administered by intermittent short intravenous infusions until DLT or disease progression; (2) to determine the ability of an adaptive control with feedback (ACF) dosing strategy to maintain suramin plasma(More)
OBJECTIVE Black women are more likely to be diagnosed at a more advanced stage of breast cancer than are white women. Traditionally, this has been attributed in part to social or cultural factors. Given that black women are more likely to be obese than white women and that being obese is associated with a more advanced stage at diagnosis, this study aims to(More)
PURPOSE The purpose of this study was to determine the toxicity of escalating doses of trastuzumab when combined with a fixed dose regimen of interleukin (IL)-2. EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN Eligible patients had nonhematological malignancies for which standard therapy did not exist or was no longer effective and had tumors that overexpressed HER2. IL-2 was(More)