Katherine Grace Chen

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The elimination of autoreactive T cells occurs via thymocyte apoptosis and removal by thymic phagocytes, but the sequence of events in vivo, and the relationship between thymocyte death and phagocytic clearance, are unknown. Here we address these questions by following a synchronized cohort of thymocytes undergoing negative selection within a(More)
Effects of acute tissue potassium depletion on cellular energy metabolism are poorly understood. To examine this issue, we performed the following studies in an isovolumic isolated perfused heart preparation. Perfusion of isolated hearts with media lacking potassium (K = 0 mmol/l) for 30 min resulted in ventricular fibrillation, rapid decreases in creatine(More)
Thrombocytopenia with absent radii (TAR) syndrome is a rare congenital disorder characterized by low platelet counts of various severity, bilateral absent radii but thumbs are usually present. TAR syndrome is not generally associated with bone marrow failure or malignancy. Janus kinase-2, myeloproliferative leukemia protein, and calreticulin are not mutated(More)
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