Katherine Faust

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We use scaling and statistical models to study networks of ties among Soviet politicians during the Brezhnev era created by their co-attendance at events. The data consist of observations made by the National Foreign Assessment Center of the Central Intelligence Agency of appearances of Soviet political elites at official and social events for 8 years(More)
This paper examines the spatial arrangement of social and economic networks among villages in Nang Ž. Rong district, Thailand. We use spatial information from a geographic information system GIS for the Ž. district to help interpret the patterns of movement of agricultural equipment large tractors between villages, of people into villages for temporary(More)
The 2012-13 academic year started on a sad note with the August 2012 passing of R. Duncan Luce. Duncan was the founding director of the Institute for Mathematical Behavioral Sciences (IMBS) and one of our institute's intellectual leaders. Duncan belonged to the handful of pioneers who, after World War II, injected, through mathematical modeling, reasoning,(More)
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