Katherine F Touzinsky

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Spermatozoal morphology research over the last decade has provided a continual flow of ultrastructural data for reptiles. These studies have broadened the taxon sampling and some have even provided phylogenetic and evolutionary perspectives using gamete morphology. Currently, the Iguania clade is the most highly sampled taxon in terms of ultrastructural(More)
—Reproductive cycles of lizards have long been studied in both field and laboratory scenarios. However, comparisons of spermatogenic cycles and germ cell development strategies in different populations across a large geographic range have yet to be explored. The purpose of this study is to A) describe the spermatogenic cycle and germ cell development(More)
This study details the ultrastructure of the spermatozoa of the American Alligator, Alligator mississippiensis. American Alligator spermatozoa are filiform and slightly curved. The acrosome is tapered at its anterior end and surrounded by the acrosome vesicle and an underlying subacrosomal cone, which rests just cephalic to the nuclear rostrum. One(More)
Although the events of spermiogenesis are commonly studied in amniotes, the amount of research available for Squamata is lacking. Many studies have described the morphological characteristics of mature spermatozoa in squamates, but few detail the ultrastructural changes that occur during spermiogenesis. This study's purpose is to gain a better understanding(More)
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