Katherine E Wilson

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A randomised, controlled, crossover trial was designed to assess the safety and effectiveness of oral midazolam sedation for orthodontic extractions. Forty-six ASA physical status I children aged 10-16 years were recruited. Each child required two treatment sessions. Sedation with either oral midazolam 0.5 mg.kg-1 or nitrous oxide in oxygen was used at the(More)
BACKGROUND The transmucosal route for conscious sedation in children has been reported widely in the field of medicine, but less so in dental patients. The aim of this study was to evaluate the efficacy and safety profile of midazolam (0.2 mg/kg) administered by the buccal transmucosal route, in comparison with nitrous oxide/oxygen inhalation sedation, for(More)
Little is known about the anxiety patients experience before attending for dental treatment. The aim of this study was to determine, in dentally phobic patients, the temporal relationship of pre-operative anxiety levels, and the disruption to daily life caused by this. Twenty-four phobic and 19 comparison (non-phobic) dental patients were recruited. Four(More)
The safety and effectiveness of patient-controlled propofol sedation was prospectively assessed in 18 healthy, phobic dental patients. Using a randomised, crossover design each patient received two sessions of equivalent dental treatment under patient-controlled or clinician-controlled propofol sedation. The patient-controlled technique used 29.8% less drug(More)
AIM To audit the quality of external referral communications sent to the Department of Sedation at Newcastle Dental Hospital. METHODS A retrospective analysis was undertaken of a sample of 226 consecutive external referrals received by the sedation department of Newcastle Dental Hospital during May-July 2008. A data-collection form was used to record(More)
AIM This prospective study was designed to establish the nature, frequency and sequelae of complications arising in patients receiving dental treatment under intravenous midazolam sedation. METHODS All patients attending the Sedation Department at New-castle Dental Hospital for intravenous sedation over a six-month period were audited. A standardised(More)
Objectives To elicit the attitudes and opinions of consultant anaesthetists working in Scotland, with regard to conscious sedation carried out by dental practitioners.Method A questionnaire was designed to gauge opinion of consultant anaesthetists in Scotland on the practice of conscious sedation by dentists. The questionnaire was sent to 353 consultant(More)
Objectives To assess the safety, effectiveness and acceptability of oral midazolam sedation for orthodontic extraction of permanent teeth in children.Design A prospective, randomised, controlled, crossover trial.Methods A total of 26 children aged 10 – 16 (ASA I), referred for orthodontic extraction of premolar or canine teeth under sedation, were included(More)