Katherine E. Sleeman

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The role of estrogen in promoting mammary stem cell proliferation remains controversial. It is unclear if estrogen receptor (ER)-expressing cells have stem/progenitor activity themselves or if they act in a paracrine fashion to stimulate stem cell proliferation. We have used flow cytometry to prospectively isolate mouse mammary ER-expressing epithelial(More)
Breast cancer is thought to arise in mammary epithelial stem cells. There is, therefore, a large amount of interest in identifying these cells. The breast is a complex tissue consisting of two epithelial layers (an outer myoepithelial/basal layer and an inner luminal epithelial layer) as well as a large non-epithelial component (fibroblasts, endothelial(More)
CONTEXT Most patient-reported outcome measurement tools in multiple sclerosis (MS) are geared toward less severely affected patients. Palliative care outcome measures have not been validated in patients with MS. OBJECTIVES To assess the psychometric properties of the Core-Palliative Care Outcome Scale (Core-POS) and POS-MS-Symptoms (POS-MS-S) in patients(More)
OBJECTIVES To understand healthcare professionals' perceptions of the benefits and potential harms of integrated care pathways for end-of-life care, to inform the development of future interventions that aim to improve care of the dying. DESIGN Qualitative interview study with maximum variation sampling and thematic analysis. PARTICIPANTS 25 healthcare(More)
BACKGROUND With increasingly intensive treatments and population ageing, more people face complex treatment and care decisions. We explored patterns of the decision-making processes during critical care, and sources of conflict and resolution. METHODS Ethnographic study in two Intensive Care Units (ICUs) in an inner city hospital comprising:(More)
BACKGROUND England has one of the highest rates of hospital death in dementia in Europe. How this has changed over time is unknown. This study aimed to analyse temporal trends in place of death in dementia over a recent ten year period. METHODS Population-based study linking Office for National Statistics mortality data with regional variables, in England(More)
www.thelancet.com Vol 379 February 11, 2012 519 of the eff ect of immunoadsorption in patients with HUS is still necessary after our report and whether the signal can be clearly discriminated from background noise. We have addressed this valid comment by calculating the so called rate ratio—a test for the signal-tonoise ratio. In our 12 patients, the rate(More)