Katherine E. Clark

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By the age of 4 years, children (N0120) know the meaning of the word disgust as well as they know the meaning of anger and fear; for example, when asked, they are equally able to generate a plausible cause for each of these emotions. Yet, in tasks involving facial expressions (free labelling of faces, deciding whether or not a face expresses disgust, or(More)
BACKGROUND Palliative oxygen therapy is widely used for treatment of dyspnoea in individuals with life-limiting illness who are ineligible for long-term oxygen therapy. We assessed the effectiveness of oxygen compared with room air delivered by nasal cannula for relief of breathlessness in this population of patients. METHODS Adults from outpatient(More)
BACKGROUND Heart failure (HF) is a frequent condition in the elderly and mortality is high. This study sought to describe the profile of those providing care in the community and their needs. METHODS The South Australian Health Omnibus is an annual, random, face-to-face, cross sectional survey conducted within the state. Having standardized data to the(More)
PURPOSE Every health care sector including hospice/palliative care needs to systematically improve services using patient-defined outcomes. Data from the national Australian Palliative Care Outcomes Collaboration aims to define whether hospice/palliative care patients' outcomes and the consistency of these outcomes have improved in the last 3 years. (More)
OBJECTIVE Hospice/palliative care patients may differ from better studied populations, and data from other populations cannot necessarily be extrapolated into hospice/palliative care clinical practice. Pharmacovigilance studies provide opportunities to understand the harms and benefits of medications in routine practice. Gabapentin, a γ-amino butyric acid(More)
INTRODUCTION Breathlessness is a subjective sensation, so understanding its impacts requires patients' reports, including prospective patient-defined breathlessness as a reason for presenting to general practitioners (GP).The aim of this study was to define the prevalence of breathlessness as a reason for GP consultations while defining the(More)
INTRODUCTION Breathlessness remains a highly prevalent and distressing symptom for many patients with progressive life-limiting illnesses. Evidence-based interventions for chronic breathlessness are limited, and there is an ongoing need for high-quality research into developing management strategies for optimal palliation of this complex symptom. Previous(More)
The primary purpose for this meeting was to learn about the fiscal and physical states of the University of Kansas, thereby providing a current context for the work of the committee. We also worked on developing a tentative schedule for meetings to address the charges of the committee. The committee members introduced themselves. The committee reviewed its(More)
This paper examines the Burmese military regime's pattern of human rights abuses against ethnic minorities and political dissidents in relation to natural gas and oil development projects. Through research in non-governmental agency reports, government statistics, academic journals, interviews, and corporate publications, I am investigating the extent to(More)
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