Katherine E. Baxter

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Primary care in the UK has been the subject of numerous changes and reorganizations since 1990. Each innovation in organization, with the exception of fundholding, has been the subject of evaluation. However, the complexities of some innovations make the evaluation process problematic and this is further complicated by the trend towards central policy(More)
OBJECTIVES To describe the bacterial and fungal flora of the normal conjunctiva of horses in the UK; to determine the effect of horse age, sex, geographic location, and housing on this flora; and to determine the most appropriate antimicrobial drug(s) for prophylactic treatment of corneal ulcers. ANIMAL STUDIED A total of 60 adult healthy horses were(More)
Thirty-four of 67 MCOs in New York and Connecticut responded to requests for information on the roles, participation, and listing of nurse practitioners as primary care providers or in other capacities. MCO executives report a high degree of satisfaction with NPs who serve as their primary care providers, especially in women's health and geriatrics, as they(More)
Executives in more than 50% of managed care organizations (MCOs) in New York and Connecticut were interviewed for information on the roles, participation, and listing of NPs as primary care providers. MCO executives are highly satisfied with their primary care provider NPs, particularly in women's health and geriatrics, secondary to spending more time(More)
S oftware projects are notoriously complex and difficult to estimate accurately. Many authors have referred to estimation as a black art. Estimating a project accurately involves carefully analyzing data from many different aspects of the project , and using a number of different techniques to get the best estimate possible with the given information. Even(More)
Anti-tumor CD8+ T cells are a key determinant for overall survival in patients following surgical resection for solid malignancies. Using a mouse model of cancer vaccination (adenovirus expressing melanoma tumor-associated antigen (TAA)-dopachrome tautomerase (AdDCT) and resection resulting in major surgical stress (abdominal nephrectomy), we demonstrate(More)
Acknowledgements We would like to thank Katherine Baxter of the Super 2000 Taskforce who managed the early stages of the project, and Bryan Perry of the Ministry of Social Policy who took over the subsequent management of the project. We would also like to thank the staff of Statistics New Zealand who provided much of the data on which this report is based.(More)
Objects can be levitated by radiation pressure forces in an acoustic standing wave. In many circumstances it is important that the standing wave frequency remain locked on an acoustic resonance despite small changes in the resonance frequency. A self-locking oscillator circuit is described which tracks the resonance frequency by sensing the magnitude of the(More)
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