Katherine Dahl

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In men, administration of exogenous testosterone (T) exerts direct negative feedback effects at the pituitary as well as at the hypothalamic level. This study was undertaken to determine whether T itself causes the inhibitory effects on the pituitary, or whether conversion to estradiol (E2) or dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is required. We assessed the(More)
The in vitro immunoreactive (i-LH) and bioactive (b-LH) LH release from hemipituitaries of intact adult male rats (INT) or rats castrated 7 days earlier (CAS) was studied. Hemipituitaries were incubated for 30 min (time 1) plus an additional 30 min (time 2) with GnRH (10 nM) and/or KCl (50 mM), according to one of the following protocols: media alone (C),(More)
A technique for sorting live LH- and FSH-secreting cells was developed. After enzymatic dispersion, a suspension of pituitary cells from male rats castrated 7 days earlier was incubated in potassium chloride (KCI 50 mmol/l) for 30 min and gonadotropin outflow was provoked. Then, considering either LH or FSH as temporary surface markers, we positively(More)
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