Katherine D. Dombrowski

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In this paper, a 60 GHz system demonstrator for multi-Gb/s, short-range, line-of-sight communications is presented. The system utilizes a highly efficient receiver architecture with phase noise suppression capability, which performs carrier synchronization in the analog domain, eliminating the need for high speed, high precision analog-to-digital(More)
URS Group, in conjunction with DOE-NETL, EPRI, Great River Energy, North Dakota Industrial Commission, Apogee Scientific, and ADA-ES, is evaluating the effectiveness of sorbent injection for reducing mercury emissions from flue gas derived from North Dakota lignite. This paper reports full-scale tests performed at Great River Energy’s Stanton Station Unit(More)
Activated-carbon-fiber cloth ~ACFC! is an alternative adsorbent to granular activated carbon ~GAC! for removing and recovering organic vapors from gas streams. Electrothermal desorption ~ED! of ACFC provides rapid regeneration while requiring less energy compared to traditional regeneration techniques used with GAC. This paper provides proof-of-concept(More)
An electrothermal-swing adsorption system was demonstrated on the bench scale for capture and recovery of organic vapors from air streams. Methyl propyl ketone ~MPK!, methyl ethyl ketone, n-hexane, acetone, and methylene chloride were removed and recovered at 200– 1,020 ppmv in a 40.0 slpm air stream while using activated carbon fiber cloth ~ACFC!(More)
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