Katherine Bonter

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Melanin concentrating hormone (MCH), a hypothalamic neuropeptide, is an important regulator of energy homeostasis in mammals. Characterization of an MCH specific receptor has been hampered by the lack of a suitable radioligand. The [Phe(13), Tyr(19)]-MCH analog has been shown by different investigators to bind specifically to cell lines of epithelial or(More)
Global investments in cellular immunotherapies reflect their curative potential. Our landscape of clinical trials will aid developers, investors, adopters and payers in planning for adoption and implementation along realistic time horizons. Trend data enable stakeholders to adapt their business models and capacity to bring immunotherapies to the clinic. For(More)
Multidimensional fingerprinting (MDF) utilizes measurable peptide characteristics to identify proteins. In this study, 3-D fingerprinting, namely, parent protein molecular weight, peptide mass, and peptide retention time on RPLC, is used to identify 331 differentially expressed proteins between normal and human colon cancer plasma membrane samples. A false(More)
Cellular immunotherapies promise to transform cancer care. However, they must overcome serious challenges, including: (1) the need to identify and characterize novel cancer antigens to expand the range of therapeutic targets; (2) the need to develop strategies to minimize serious adverse events, such as cytokine release syndrome and treatment-related(More)
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