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Dispositional optimism and choice of coping strategies were measured twice to test the hypothesis that optimists and pessimists routinely use different methods of coping with stressful events and that these choices are stable over time. 82 participants completed a measure of optimism (LOT) and of coping strategy choice (COPE) at each of two sessions, four(More)
Osberg et al. (2010) recently developed the College Life Alcohol Salience Scale (CLASS), which assesses the extent to which students identify with the college drinking culture. Using a prospective design, we explored the incremental and predictive validity of the new measure in a sample of 479 college freshmen. Scores obtained on the new measure at Time 1(More)
Does exposure to college drinking movies impact upon subsequent college student drinking? If so, what mechanisms mediate such an effect? In the first study to address these questions, we assessed college drinking movie exposure in a sample of 479 college freshmen early in their first semester and examined its relation to subsequent drinking and drinking(More)
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