Katherine Ashley

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The American Jobs Creation Act (AJCA) significantly lowered US firms' tax cost when accessing their unrepatriated foreign earnings. Using this temporary shock to the cost of internal financing, we examine the role of capital constraints in firms' investment decisions. Controlling for the capacity to repatriate foreign earnings under the AJCA, we find that a(More)
The element phosphorus has no substitute in sustaining all life and food production on our planet. Yet today's phosphorus use patterns have resulted in both a global environmental epidemic of eutrophication and led to a situation where the future availability of the world's main sources of phosphorus is uncertain. This paper examines the important history(More)
Sir, my daughter, aged 41, visited a dentist in Latin America recently. She had not had a dental inspection for two years but her caries experience was low and she maintains a high standard of oral hygiene. She was told she needed 12 restorations (and also that the practice was to be re-equipped the following week). She rang me to ask for advice. I confi(More)
Purpose: The lack of integrated medical and psychosocial care limits—and potentially disables—pituitary patients. Providing resources specifically aimed at assisting patients in integrating their own care should lead to improved treatment experiences. Context: The Pituitary Foundation (PF), a UK-based charity with 11,000 members, presents the best(More)
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