Katherine Algier

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OBJECTIVES Previous research suggests that young children have significant difficulty recognizing speech in the presence of background noise as compared with older children and adults. However, limited research exists that examines the developmental effects of speech recognition in noise in separate age groups of young children, especially in a classroom(More)
The primary goals of this investigation were (1) to determine the sensitivity of the Phrases in Noise Test (PINT) for identifying children with hearing loss who were at risk for educational difficulties in the classroom, (2) to examine the effects of spatial location of the speech and noise sources on the speech recognition in noise of participants using(More)
BACKGROUND Several recent investigations support the use of frequency modulation (FM) systems in children with normal hearing and auditory processing or listening disorders such as those diagnosed with auditory processing disorders, autism spectrum disorders, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, Friedreich ataxia, and dyslexia. The American Academy of(More)
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