Katherine Agre

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Postmarketing surveillance data on 29,075 patients who received Chymodiactin (Smith Laboratories' formulation of chymopapain) intradiscal injections for a herniated lumbar intervertebral disc are summarized and tabulated. The serious adverse reactions reported include death, anaphylaxis, paraplegia, and discitis. Similar problems also have been reported for(More)
Nicardipine is currently being evaluated in clinical trials as a treatment for angina and hypertension. Over 2,000 patients have received nicardipine, most at dosages of 20 to 40 mg 3 times daily. In 12 double-blind, parallel-group studies (4 of them placebo-controlled) the efficacy of nicardipine was evaluated in mild to moderate hypertension; supine(More)
To extent the safety information for Chymodiactin (chymopapain for injection), 37 neurologic and orthopedic surgeons conducted an open-label, multicenter, phase 3 clinical study. A total of 1,498 patients with one or two herniated lumbar intervertebral discs were enrolled. Therapeutic results were generally favorable, with the percentages of patients(More)
Case records of 1,098 patients treated with amikacin at 79 research centers in 10 countries in a program of worldwide clinical trials were reviewed. Of the 697 patients eligible for use in evaluation of efficacy of the drug, 81% were cured, as evidenced by clinical remission and eradication of the infecting pathogen. The usual dosage was 7.5 mg/kg(More)
We report an 8-month-old infant with decreased consciousness after a febrile episode and reduced oral intake. He was profoundly acidotic but his lactate was normal. Serum triglycerides were markedly elevated and HDL cholesterol was very low. The urine organic acid analysis during the acute episode revealed a complex pattern of relative hypoketotic(More)