Katherine A. Sloyan

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The first, to the best of our knowledge, Q-switched operation of a pulsed-laser-deposited waveguide laser is presented. A clad Yb:Y(2)O(3) waveguide was Q-switched using an output coupling mirror coated with a single layer of graphene deposited by atmospheric pressure chemical vapor deposition. During continuous-wave operation, a maximum power of 83 mW at a(More)
A range of crystalline garnet multilayer structures have been fabricated via multi-beam, multi-target PLD in conjunction with a system of mechanical shutters. Structures grown consisted of alternating Gd3Ga5O12 (GGG) and Gd3Sc2Ga3O12 (GSGG) layers on Y3Al5O12 (YAG) substrates, with both simple and chirped designs. Distinct layers are observed where layer(More)
Fabrication, characterization and laser performance of a Watt-level ytterbium-doped yttria waveguide laser is presented. The waveguide was grown onto a YAG substrate by pulsed laser deposition and features a 6 µm thick ytterbium-doped yttria layer sandwiched between two 3 µm undoped yttria layers. The laser deposited film was characterized by X-ray(More)
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