Katherine A Ryder

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Functional reorganization of auditory attention was studied in 12 congenitally blind subjects and 12 controls using high-density event-related potentials during a highly focused dichotic listening task. Reaction times for the attend-ear intensity-deviant targets were markedly faster for the blind. Brain activity associated with sustained attention (N1(More)
On mental status examinations, groups of equally impaired patients with subcortical (Huntington's disease, HD; Parkinson's disease, PD) or cortical (Alzheimer's disease, AD) dementias exhibit different patterns of neuropsychological deficits. Using the Repeatable Battery for Assessment of Neuropsychological Status (RBANS), classification accuracies of 90%(More)
Chronic subthalamic nucleus stimulation produces inconsistent patterns of cognitive change in Parkinson's disease patients. Individually tailored stimulation parameters may contribute to this variable pattern of change. Systematic variation of amplitude, pulse width, and rate of stimulation has been reported to produce unique changes in motor and limbic(More)
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