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Monitoring physiological changes in the brain parenchyma has important applications in the care of neurosurgical patients. A technique is described for measuring extracellular neurochemicals by cerebral microdialysis with simultaneous recording of electroencephalographic (EEG) and single-unit (neuron) activity in selected targets in the human brain.(More)
The hippocampus and its associated structures play a key role in human memory, yet the underlying neuronal mechanisms remain unknown. Here, we report that during encoding and recognition, single neurons in the medial temporal lobe discriminated faces from inanimate objects. Some units responded selectively to specific emotional expressions or to(More)
This animal simulation model, named e-Cow, represents a single dairy cow at grazing. The model integrates algorithms from three previously published models: a model that predicts herbage dry matter (DM) intake by grazing dairy cows, a mammary gland model that predicts potential milk yield and a body lipid model that predicts genetically driven live weight(More)
BACKGROUND Statin drugs are one of the most commonly prescribed pharmaceuticals by physicians. By blocking the rate-limiting step in the cholesterol biosynthesis pathway, statins inhibit cholesterol synthesis, which benefits patient health. However, since many other important cellular processes are regulated within this pathway, they may also be influenced(More)
Figure 1.1 Location of the two sub-areas for which MEQ reports have been developed, and which together make up the PNCIMA.. Figure 6.2 Change in dioxin and furan loadings in pulp mill effluents and concentrations in crab hepatopancreas and sediments near the outfall for 1990-Figure 7.1 Location and type of active mines in and around the study area and(More)
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