Katherine A J Daniels

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The association of nonverbal predictability and brain activation was examined using functional magnetic resonance imaging in humans. Participants regarded four squares displayed horizontally across a screen and counted the incidence of a particular color. A repeating spatial sequence with varying levels of predictability was embedded within a random color(More)
In seasonal environments, the timing of reproduction has important fitness consequences. Our current understanding of the determinants of reproductive phenology in natural systems is limited because studies often ignore the spatial scale on which animals interact with their environment. When animals use a restricted amount of space and the phenology of(More)
(1) Clients exposed to intimate partner violence (IPV) are at considerable risk for depression, suicide, and homicide. (2) Disclosure of IPV should be accompanied by nonjudgmental, careful, clear documentation of physical and emotional findings by nurses, including direct statements in clients' own words. (3) Frequent, consistent support of clients(More)
This paper presents an analysis of the low-level features and key spatial points used by humans during locomotion over diverse types of terrain. Although, a number of methods for creating saliency maps and task-dependent approaches have been proposed to estimate the areas of an image that attract human attention, none of these can straightforwardly be(More)
Validated brief screening instruments are needed to improve the detection of anxiety disorders in autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The Screen for Child Anxiety-Related Emotional Disorders (SCARED), a 41-item parent- and self-reported scale measuring anxiety, was compared to the Achenbach System of Empirically Based Assessment (ASEBA) scales. One hundred(More)
Repository designs frequently favour geological disposal of radioactive waste with a backfill material occupying void space around the waste. The backfill material must tolerate the high temperatures produced by decaying radioactive waste to prevent its failure or degradation, leading to increased hydraulic conductivity and reduced sealing performance. The(More)
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