Katherine A. Hirsch

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Groups of mice were briefly exposed to a one-octave band of noise at 14, 18, 28, 38, or 58 days of age. Five days later the groups were divided, and some mice were behaviorally tested for audiogenic seizures by reexposing them to the same sound. The round window cochlear microphonic potential was measured in the remaining animals and compared with that(More)
Signal detection analysis of learning and conditioning data provides for a greater distinction to be made between learning and performance through the use of the two signal detection parameters, d' and B. The use of the two parameters permits alternative interpretation of several types of data sets discussed. This analytic technique may be used with either(More)
Figure 1: Image-based terrain from a firefighting simulation (left) and corresponding wireframe (right). Abstract Generating realistic 3D terrain heightfields from 2D image maps can be a non-trivial task. Simple image maps (for instance, those with few differing RGB values) typically produce terrains with jagged slopes. More complex image maps (those with(More)
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