Katherine A Epstein

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During late adolescence, progressive cortical thinning occurs in heteromodal association cortex (HASC) that is thought to subserve cognitive development. However, the impact of cannabis use disorder (CUD) upon cortical gray matter development in both healthy adolescents and adolescents with early-onset schizophrenia (EOS) is unclear. T1-weighted magnetic(More)
The past 10 years have seen a rapid increase in the use of diffusion tensor imaging to identify biomarkers of traumatic brain injury (TBI). Although the literature generally indicates decreased anisotropic diffusion at more chronic injury periods and in more severe injuries, considerable debate remains regarding the direction (i.e., increased or decreased)(More)
Recurrent exposure to cannabis in adolescence increases the risk for later development of psychosis, but there are sparse data regarding the impact of cannabis use on brain structure during adolescence. This pilot study investigated the effect of cannabis use disorder (CUD) upon white matter fractional anisotropy (WM FA) values in non-psychotic(More)
OBJECTIVE Repeated exposure to cannabis in nonpsychotic adolescents is associated with impairments in executive control of attention, similar to those observed in young adults with first-episode schizophrenia. To assess the impact of recurrent exposure to cannabis on cognitive function, this study characterized attention performance in both nonpsychotic(More)
OBJECTIVE To characterize white matter abnormalities in adolescents with early-onset schizophrenia (EOS) relative to 3 comparison groups (adolescents at clinical high risk for developing schizophrenia [CHR], adolescents with cannabis use disorder [CUD], and healthy controls [HC]), and to identify neurocognitive correlates of white matter abnormalities in(More)
The development of non-invasive methods, particularly fecal determination, has made possible the assessment of hormone concentrations in wild animal populations. However, measuring fecal metabolites needs careful validation for each species and for each sex. We investigated whether radioimmunoassays (RIAs) previously used to measure fecal testosterone (fT)(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess whether smoking cessation after an ischemic stroke or TIA improves outcomes compared to continued smoking. METHODS We conducted a prospective observational cohort study of 3,876 nondiabetic men and women enrolled in the Insulin Resistance Intervention After Stroke (IRIS) trial who were randomized to pioglitazone or placebo within 180(More)
A new method for obtaining the complex index of refraction from transmission and reflection data is proposed. The technique is similar to those of Manifacier and Swanepoel in that it uses interference extrema. We demonstrate that our method yields better results than the method of Swanepoel for index of refraction and comparable results for thickness and(More)
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