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A preliminary investigation and analysis of student learning style preferences in further and higher education
In the current further education (FE) and higher education (HE) environment, students are under increasing pressure to perform well and achieve good results. As educators we must strive to enableExpand
The science of wellbeing.
Anselm on freedom
Introduction 1. Anselm's Classical Theism 2. The Augustinian Legacy 3. The Purpose, Definition, and Structure of Free Choice 4. Alternative Possibilities and Primary Agency 5. The Causes of Sin andExpand
Perfect Being Theology
A feasibility study on the development and integration of a teaching aid for pharmacology
Traditional methods of teaching and learning in higher education are ever‐evolving. This report assesses the feasibility of developing a teaching aid for pharmacology modules. Focus groups wereExpand
Impact of Enquiry Based Learning (EBL) on student midwife praxis.
Midwifery training in Ireland moved to Higher Education in 2006. This shift established a physical and educational separation of theory and practice. The adoption of Enquiry Based Learning (EBL) byExpand
In touch to teach: Do nurse educators need to maintain or possess recent clinical practice to facilitate student learning?
In recent years UK university-based nurse educators have seen a reduction in their responsibilities for nursing students' practice-based assessments. Many university-based nurse educators feel thatExpand
The Traditional Doctrine of Divine Simplicity
Traditionnellement, Dieu est considere comme absolument simple. Quelques philosophes contemporains affirment que cela signifie que Dieu est ses attributs et que tous les attributs divins nommentExpand
Nurses! Test yourself in Anatomy & Physiology
The human cell Basic biology and biochemistry The integumentary system The musculoskeletal system The nervous system and special senses The endocrine system The circulatory system The respiratoryExpand
Evidence for God from Certainty