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Recently, Massachusetts passed landmark legislation designed to expand health insurance coverage. This legislation includes a requirement that all adults enroll in a health insurance plan. This mandate takes effect only if an "affordable" plan is available. The definition of affordability for individuals and families of different incomes or circumstances is(More)
Massachusetts's 2006 health reform legislation was intended to move the state to near-universal health insurance coverage and to improve access to affordable health care. Ten years on, a large body of research demonstrates sustained gains in coverage. But many vulnerable populations and communities in the state have high uninsurance rates, and among those(More)
The 2006 Massachusetts health reform law successfully increased insurance coverage and improved access to care and self-reported health status among state residents. This success was derived in part from the law's well-designed individual mandate, which requires that most residents enroll in health insurance coverage meeting minimum standards or pay a fine(More)
Iliac crest biopsies of normals, uremic patients and subjects with primary hyperparathyroidism (pHPT) were investigated. It appeared that serum 1,25- and 24,25-(OH)2-D3 correlated inversely with basal adenylate cyclase (AC) activity and relative PTH-stimulated AC, respectively. Net PTH-elicited AC (dPTH-AC) activation hence reflected individual vitamin D(More)
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