Katharine L. Korunes

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Crossing over is well known to have profound effects on patterns of genetic diversity and genome evolution. Far less direct attention has been paid to another distinct outcome of meiotic recombination: noncrossover gene conversion (NCGC). Crossing over and NCGC both shuffle combinations of alleles, and this degradation of linkage disequilibrium (LD) has(More)
Genetic studies of secondary sexual traits provide insights into whether and how selection drove their divergence among populations, and these studies often focus on the fraction of variation attributable to genes on the X-chromosome. However, such studies may sometimes misinterpret the amount of variation attributable to the X-chromosome if using only(More)
With the large collections of gene and genome sequences, there is a need to generate curated comparative genomic databases that enable interpretation of results in an evolutionary context. Such resources can facilitate an understanding of the co-evolution of genes in the context of a genome mapped onto a phylogeny, of a protein structure, and of(More)
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