Katharine Chang

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Trust and security have been considered as built-in properties for future Internet architecture. Leveraging the concept of named content in recently proposed information centric network, we propose a name-based trust and security protection mechanism. Our scheme is built with identity-based cryptography (IBC), where the identity of a user or device can act(More)
Adaptive Quality-of-Service Provisioning in Wireless and Mobile Networks by Chun-Ting Chou Chair: Kang G. Shin The problem of adaptive QoS provisioning in wireless and mobile networks is studied in this thesis. A mathematical model is established to analyze the impact of adaptive bandwidth allocation on both system performance and user-perceived QoS. With(More)
Security in wireless sensor networks has become important as they are being developed and deployed for an increasing number of applications. The severe resource constraints in each sensor make it very challenging to secure sensor networks. Moreover, sensors are usually deployed in hostile and unattended environments and hence are susceptible to various(More)