Katharina Wiesner

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A series of 31 analogues of the neolignan honokiol (a major constituent of Magnolia officinalis) was synthesized, and their effects on GABA(A) receptors expressed in Xenopus oocytes were investigated. Honokiol enhanced chloride currents (I(GABA)) through GABA(A) receptors of seven different subunit compositions with EC(50) values ranging from 23.4 μM(More)
  • K Wiesner
  • 1991
The author describes his experience with 51 reconstructions of the internal carotid artery made on account of different indications by the method of resection and substitution by venous graft. He draws attention to the fact that this method is the method of choice in some special morphological findings, in others it can be considered an alternative method(More)