Katharina Werner

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The human saphenous vein preincubated with [3H]noradrenaline was used to determine the pharmacological properties of the release-inhibiting presynaptic serotonin (5-HT) receptor on the sympathetic nerves. The overflow of tritium evoked by transmural electrical stimulation (2 Hz) was concentration-dependently inhibited by drugs known to stimulate 5-HT(More)
Immunoassays are routinely used as research tools to measure intracellular cAMP and cGMP concentrations. Ideally, this application requires antibodies with high sensitivity and specificity. The present work evaluates the cross-reactivity of commercially available cyclic nucleotide analogs with two non-radioactive and one radioactive cAMP and cGMP(More)
This paper describes the evaluation of human-robot-interaction (HRI) related to the future use of a humanoid robotic system as interface in intelligent home environments. The core motivation was to enhance the user interaction between smart home systems and senior users by introducing a humanoid, mobile socially assistive robot as user interface. To what(More)
To study whether current spending levels and public knowledge of them contribute to transatlantic differences in policy preferences, we implement parallel survey experiments in Germany and the United States. In both countries, support for increased education spending and teacher salaries falls when respondents receive information about existing levels.(More)
The electorates' lack of information about the extent of public spending may cause misalignments between voters' preferences and the size of government. We devise a series of representative survey experiments in Germany that randomly provide treatment groups with information on current spending levels. Results show that such information strongly reduces(More)
What do citizens of the United States and Germany think about their schools and school policies? This paper offers the first broad comparison of public thinking on education in the two countries. We carried out opinion surveys of representative samples of the German and American adult populations in 2014 that included experiments in which we provided(More)
Enabled by web and mobile technologies, there has been an explosion of interest in the sharing economy and peer-to-peer exchange, with much high profile attention given to monetised exchanges such as in AirBnB and Uber. However there are also many other sharing initiatives, such as time banking, that focus on smaller, more local communities and do not(More)