Katharina Werner

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Immunoassays are routinely used as research tools to measure intracellular cAMP and cGMP concentrations. Ideally, this application requires antibodies with high sensitivity and specificity. The present work evaluates the cross-reactivity of commercially available cyclic nucleotide analogs with two non-radioactive and one radioactive cAMP and cGMP(More)
We are designing an exchange platform especially geared towards senior citizens to support them in their every day lives. During the initial design process, we noticed that even though we are trying to create an open and inclusive platform with the help of the target group, there will still be some people whose needs and wants will not be fully met, partly(More)
The electorates' lack of information about the extent of public spending may cause misalignments between voters' preferences and the size of government. We devise a series of representative survey experiments in Germany that randomly provide treatment groups with information on current spending levels. Results show that such information strongly reduces(More)
A renewed interest in the concept of sharing emerges from a community that drifts apart and lives next to each other instead of with each other. Technology offers interesting possibilities to support sharing activities not only in small neighbourhoods, but also in highly populated areas. However, the Internet is often experienced as a place of anonymity,(More)
Enabled by web and mobile technologies, there has been an explosion of interest in the sharing economy and peer-to-peer exchange, with much high profile attention given to monetised exchanges such as in AirBnB and Uber. However there are also many other sharing initiatives, such as time banking, that focus on smaller, more local communities and do not(More)
We introduce publicly funded education in R&D-based economic growth theory. The framework allows us to i) incorporate a realistic process of human capital accumulation for industrialized countries, ii) reconcile R&D-based growth theory with the empirical evidence on the relationship between economic prosperity and population growth, iii) revise the policy(More)