Katharina Waldow

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ERK is a member of the MAPK pathway with essential functions in cell proliferation, differentiation, and survival. Complete ERK activation by the kinase MEK requires dual phosphorylation at T and Y within the activation motif TEY. We show that exposure of primary mouse hepatocytes to hepatocyte growth factor (HGF) results in phosphorylation at the(More)
Regulation of iron homeostasis and the inflammatory response are tightly linked to protect the host from infection. Here we investigate how imbalanced systemic iron homeostasis in a murine disease model of hereditary hemochromatosis (Hfe(-/-) mice) affects the inflammatory responses of the lung. We induced acute pulmonary inflammation in Hfe(-/-) and(More)
Liver regeneration is a tightly controlled process mainly achieved by proliferation of usually quiescent hepatocytes. The specific molecular mechanisms ensuring cell division only in response to proliferative signals such as hepatocyte growth factor (HGF) are not fully understood. Here, we combined quantitative time-resolved analysis of primary mouse(More)
Signaling pathways are characterized by crosstalk, feedback and feedforward mechanisms giving rise to highly complex and cell-context specific signaling networks. Dissecting the underlying relations is crucial to predict the impact of targeted perturbations. However, a major challenge in identifying cell-context specific signaling networks is the enormous(More)
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