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Self-healing of densely crosslinked thermoset polymers—a critical review
Abstract Structural and functional thermosetting composite materials are exposed to different kinds of stress which can damage the polymer matrix, thus impairing the intended properties. Therefore,Expand
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"More than Honey": Investigation on Volatiles from Monovarietal Honeys Using New Analytical and Sensory Approaches.
Eight monovarietal honeys from dandelion, fir tree, linden tree, chestnut tree, robinia, orange, lavender, and rape were investigated with respect to their volatile compounds and sensory properties.Expand
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Furan-functionalised melamine-formaldehyde particles performing Diels-Alder reactions
Abstract Functionalised particles are highly requested in materials research, as they can be used as vital components in many advanced applications such as smart materials, functional coatings, drugExpand
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Homogeneous, Monodispersed Furan-Melamine Particles Performing Reversible Binding and Forming Networks
Abstract Homogeneous and monodispersed furan-functionalised melamine-formaldehyde particles were produced. As a precursor, 2-chloro-1,3,5-triazine-2,4-diamine (Mel) was selectively substituted withExpand
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Diels-Alder modified self-healing melamine resin
Abstract The self-healing effect of melamine-based surfaces, triggered by temperature, was investigated. The temperature triggered reversible healing chemistry, on which the self-healing effect isExpand
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Data on production and characterization of melamine-furan-formaldehyde particles and reversible reactions thereof
The data present in this article affords insides in the characterization of a newly described bi-functional furan-melamine monomer, which is used for the production of monodisperse,Expand
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Thermomechanical and microhardness data of melamine-formaldehyde-based self-healing resin film able to undergo reversible crosslinking via Diels-Alder reaction
The data presented in this article characterize the thermomechanical and microhardness properties of a novel melamine-formaldehyde resin (MF) intended for the use as a self-healing surface coating.Expand
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