Katharina Ulrich

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A potentially vital pathway in the processing of spatial memory is the pathway from ventral hippocampus to medial prefrontal cortex (vHPC-mPFC). To assess long-term potentiation (LTP) induction and maintenance across days in this pathway, the effects of several induction paradigms were compared in awake, freely moving rats. Two different high-frequency(More)
Anterior thalamic (ATN) dysfunction produces memory deficits in rats and humans. The current study shows that, with a substantial delay between post-surgery tests, controls show repeated relearning on a spatial working memory task whereas rats with neurotoxic ATN lesions showed repeated relearning deficits. Rats were pre-trained to criterion, but not over(More)
Injury to the anterior thalamic nuclei (ATN) and their neural connections is the most consistent neuropathology associated with diencephalic amnesia. ATN lesions in rats produce memory impairments that support a key role for this region within an extended hippocampal system of complex overlapping neural connections. Environmental enrichment is a therapeutic(More)
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