Katharina Straub

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Athletes of light-weight sport classes are under a constant strain to control eating and body shape, which can make them prone to develop eating disorders. In the present study, cognitive control of eating (restrained eating) and body dissatisfaction were investigated in male elite athletes of light-weight and heavy-weight classes at different ages. Body(More)
Do errors in short-term memory for spoken stimuli sometimes combine one syllable from one to-be-remembered item with one syllable from another to-be-remembered item? If so, can the errors shed light on how the stimuli are syllabified? We report three experiments in which college students tried to recall five-item lists containing two CVCVC(More)
This study investigated the effects of food deprivation on the body image in female restrained and unrestrained eaters. Twenty female restrained eaters and 20 female unrestrained eaters were asked to identify their current and their ideal body shape by choosing them from a sample of nine female silhouettes. This test was conducted under three deprivational(More)
GOAL Proton treatment monitoring with Positron-Emission-Tomography (PET) is based on comparing measured and Monte Carlo (MC) predicted β(+) activity distributions. Here we present PET β(+) activity data and MC predictions both during and after proton irradiation of homogeneous PMMA targets, where protons were extracted from a cyclotron. METHODS AND(More)
During particle therapy irradiation, positron emitters with half-lives ranging from 2 to 20 min are generated from nuclear processes. The half-lives are such that it is possible either to detect the positron signal in the treatment room using an in-beam positron emission tomography (PET) system, right after the irradiation, or to quickly transfer the(More)
The shell structure of atomic nuclei is associated with 'magic numbers' and originates in the nearly independent motion of neutrons and protons in a mean potential generated by all nucleons. During β(+)-decay, a proton transforms into a neutron in a previously not fully occupied orbital, emitting a positron-neutrino pair with either parallel or antiparallel(More)
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