Katharina Spies

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We describe the concept of AutoFocus, a tool for the speci-cation of distributed systems. AutoFocus is based on the formal development method Focus and uses graphical description formalisms embedded into its semantical framework, thus ooering well-accepted notations while retaining the ability for exact consistency checks of a system under development. The(More)
Modeling and documentation are two essential ingredients for the engineering discipline of software development. During the last twenty years a wide variety of description and modeling techniques as well as document formats has been proposed. However, often these are not integrated into a coherent methodology with well-deened dependencies between the models(More)
1 About this Book The RPC-Memory speciication problem was proposed by Broy and Lamport as a case study in the formal design of distributed and concurrent systems. The idea was to use it as a basis for comparing various approaches to formal speciica-tion, reenement, and veriication. Various preliminary solutions were presented and discussed during a workshop(More)
In analogical problem solving, a source problem with a known solution is used to solve a target problem. The present study deals with one possible condition influencing the search for possible source problems (i.e., with similarities between source and target problems in the emotional connotation of the problem cover stories). Subjects were given six source(More)
The technique most often used to induce emotion is based on self-referent statements read by the subjects (Velten, 1968). This technique is known to be of intermediate efficiency. Therefore film and hypnosis-like procedures were investigated as alternative techniques. Efficiency was tested using two selected scales of a mood questionnaire (SES by Hampel,(More)
  • Lebenslauf Kai, Boelmans Name, Boelmans Nat Kai, Oberarzt Position, Neurologische Klinik, Und Klinik +18 others
  • 2014
A. A novel computerized algorithm to detect microstructural brainstem pathology in Parkinson's disease using standard 3 Tesla MR imaging. A novel presenilin 1 mutation (Ala275Val) as cause of early-onset familial Alzheimer disease.
Within the framework of the "response styles theory" Nolen-Hoeksema (1991) argues that depressive episodes are prolonged or intensified by symptom-focused rumination. In contrast, depressed mood can be reduced by responses which focus the attention away from the symptoms of depression and its possible causes and consequences. In the present study these(More)