Katharina Spies

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We describe the concept of AutoFocus, a tool for the speci-cation of distributed systems. AutoFocus is based on the formal development method Focus and uses graphical description formalisms embedded into its semantical framework, thus ooering well-accepted notations while retaining the ability for exact consistency checks of a system under development. The(More)
Insulin resistance associated with a hyperinsulinemic response to oral glucose intake has been found in patients with essential hypertension and is believed to play a role in inducing hypertension by causing renal sodium and water retention. We therefore examined whether salt-sensitive, young normotensives, assumed to be predisposed to essential(More)
The occurrence of carcinoma in chronic alcoholics exceeds that of the general population. Cytoplasmic alkalinization, due to the influence of different factors on the transmembrane Na+/H+ exchange (NHE), has been put forward as a triggering event in cell growth and division. In accordance with these findings, the carcinogenic potential of NHE deficient cell(More)
Reduced extracellular pH and bicarbonate levels recently have been reported in normotensive salt-sensitive subjects. To assess the possible role of altered renal acid-base handling in the perturbation of acid-base status in these individuals, we measured the renal acid-base excretion after an acute oral administration of either an alkali or acid load in(More)
State-of-the-art software development increasingly relies on describing the system (or software) graphically, abstracting from an actual implementation platform, and supporting to generate an executable system out of the model. Similarly, in electrical engineering often graphically represented models are used to describe the controlled system including its(More)
Modeling and documentation are two essential ingredients for the engineering discipline of software development. During the last twenty years a wide variety of description and modeling techniques as well as document formats has been proposed. However, often these are not integrated into a coherent methodology with well-deened dependencies between the models(More)