Katharina Sonntag

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OBJECTIVE The purpose of this investigation was to evaluate the pulp response to class V cavity preparation with the use of the Er:YAG laser and free electron laser. STUDY DESIGN Class V cavities were prepared in 133 teeth of four beagle dogs by one of three methods: (1) Er:YAG laser, (2) free electron laser, (3) high-speed handpiece. Treatment occurred(More)
A common way of sterilizing endodontic files for clinical use is to insert them into synthetic sponges. The files are sterilized in the sponge, and the sponge is then used on the patient tray for ease of file retrieval. The ability to sterilize the files in a sponge has been questioned. The purpose of the present investigation was to evaluate the sterility(More)
This study examines the syntactic comprehension of seven German agrammatic speakers. The German language allows the study of the interaction of syntactic principles and morphological devices in the comprehension process. In addition, due to its relatively free word order, German allows the study of strictly minimal pairs of canonical and non-canonical(More)
The use of a cotton pellet as a spacer or as a medication carrier in the tooth pulp chamber between root canal therapy appointments is an accepted and common practice. Retaining the pellet in the proper position within the tooth is very important. Cellulose fibers from disposable drapes, gowns and cotton can cause foreign body reactions if left in a(More)
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