Katharina Predehl

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Optical clocks show unprecedented accuracy, surpassing that of previously available clock systems by more than one order of magnitude. Precise intercomparisons will enable a variety of experiments, including tests of fundamental quantum physics and cosmology and applications in geodesy and navigation. Well-established, satellite-based techniques for(More)
We investigated the transfer of a 194 THz optical frequency along a 1840 km fiber link. The fractional frequency instability expressed as the modified Allan deviation is 2.7 &#x00D7; 10<sup>-15</sup> at 1 s with 4 &#x00D7; 10<sup>-19</sup> after 100 s. The transferred frequency shows no systematic offset within an uncertainty of 3 &#x00D7; 10<sup>-19</sup>.(More)
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