Katharina Plenagl

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The IkappaB kinase (IKK) complex is one major step in the regulation of the NF-kappaB/Rel system that is involved in inflammatory and immune responses as well as in proliferation and apoptosis. At present it is not clear whether besides the "classical" IKKalpha-IKKbeta-IKKgamma configuration additional complexes exist in vivo that solely contain IKKbeta and(More)
Der definitive Nachweis einer neuralgischen Schulteramyotrophie ist in den meisten Fällen nicht möglich, so dass die Diagnose in der Regel anhand des typischen Verlaufs und nach Ausschluss anderer Differenzialdiagnosen gestellt wird. Wir berichten von einer Patientin mit einem für die neuralgische Schulteramyotrophie typischen Verlauf, bei der jedoch eine(More)
In most cases the definite diagnosis of neuralgic amyotrophy is not possible, so it is based on the typical course of symptoms after other diagnoses have been excluded. We report an otherwise healthy woman who presented with symptoms typical of neuralgic amyotrophy. However we could diagnose a vertebral artery dissection that probably caused the symptoms by(More)
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