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Today, many private households as well as broadcasting or film companies own large collections of digital music plays. These are time series that differ from, e.g., weather reports or stocks market data. The task is normally that of classification, not prediction of the next value or recognizing a shape or motif. New methods for extracting features that(More)
The paper describes a case study in combining diierent methods for acquiring medical knowledge. Given a huge amount of noisy, high dimensional numerical time series data describing patients in intensive care, the support vector machine is used to learn when and how to change the dose of which drug. Given medical knowledge about and expertise in clinical(More)
We present a freely available benchmark dataset for audio classification and clustering. This dataset consists of 10 seconds samples of 1886 songs obtained from the Garage-band site. Beside the audio clips themselves, textual meta data is provided for the individual songs. The songs are classified into 9 genres. In addition to the genre information , our(More)
In a supervised learning scenario, we learn a mapping from input to output values, based on labeled examples. Can we learn such a mapping also from groups of unlabeled observations, only knowing, for each group, the proportion of observations with a particular label? Solutions have real world applications. Here, we consider groups of steel sticks as samples(More)
Where Information Retrieval (IR) and Text Categorization delivers a set of (ranked) documents according to a query, users of large document collections would rather like to receive answers. Question-answering from text has already been the goal of the Message Understanding Conferences. Since then, the task of text understanding has been reduced to several(More)
Carrying out a statistical analysis, the researcher is concerned with the problem of choosing an appropriate statistical technique from a large number of competing methods. Most common statistical software offer different methods for analysing the data without giving any support regarding the adequacy of a method for a particular data set. This paper(More)
For neuroblastoma, the most common extracranial tumour of childhood, identification of new biomarkers and potential therapeutic targets is mandatory to improve risk stratification and survival rates. MicroRNAs are deregulated in most cancers, including neuroblastoma. In this study, we analysed 430 miRNAs in 69 neuroblastomas by stem-loop RT-qPCR. Prediction(More)
The representation formalism as well as the representation language is of great importance for the success of machine learning. The representation formalism should be expressive, efficient, useful, and applicable. First-order logic needs to be restricted in order to be efficient for inductive and deductive reasoning. In the field of knowledge(More)