Katharina M Ruhe

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BACKGROUND The present study examines frequency of DSM-IV symptom and diagnostic criteria for separation anxiety disorder (SAD) by informant, age, and sex. METHODS Children aged 4-15 years with a primary DSM-IV diagnosis of SAD (N=106) were assessed using structured diagnostic interviews (Kinder-DIPS; DSM-IV-TR Version). Frequency of DSM-IV symptom and(More)
QUESTION UNDER STUDY To establish at what stage Swiss hospitals are in implementing an internal standard concerning communication with patients and families after an error that resulted in harm. METHODS Hospitals were identified via the Swiss Hospital Association's website. An anonymous questionnaire was sent during September and October 2011 to 379(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of the present study is to explore patient's perspectives in pediatric oncology on participation in discussions and decision-making surrounding their cancer diagnosis. METHODS Seventeen patients between 9 and 17 years of age receiving treatment at centers of the Swiss Pediatric Oncology Group were interviewed for this study. Their(More)
After 138 nerve sutures in the upper extremity the static and moving two-point discrimination tests were performed in the normal and the injured hand. Moving two-point discrimination recovered to a better level in 61%, the same level in 38%, and a worse level in 1% than static two-point discrimination after nerve repair.
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