Katharina M Hittmair

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Thymomas are rarely recorded in rabbits, and the literature includes comparatively few cases. Medical records were reviewed to identify all pet rabbits in which a mediastinal mass was diagnosed between Feb 2007 and Jan 2010. Signalment, history, clinical signs, diagnostic work-up (including laboratory data, diagnostic imaging, and ultrasound-guided(More)
Elephant limbs display unique morphological features which are related mainly to supporting the enormous body weight of the animal. In elephants, the knee joint plays important roles in weight bearing and locomotion, but anatomical data are sparse and lacking in functional analyses. In addition, the knee joint is affected frequently by arthrosis. Here we(More)
Desmopressin is a synthetic analogue of the hypothalamic peptide vasopressin and binds to specific pituitary vasopressin (V3) receptors. The V3-receptor is overexpressed in pituitary corticotrope tumors and the injection of desmopressin induces a marked ACTH and cortisol release in human patients with pituitary- (PDH), but not adrenal tumor (AT) dependent(More)
SUMMARY Canine lipomas generally develop in subcutaneous tissue. Intrapericardial lipomas are extremely rare benign tumours and can develop on the pericardial surface of the heart or inside the cardiac chambers. As the thoracic cavity is an unusual site for lipomas in dogs, we describe, clinically and pathologically, a case of intrapericardial lipoma in an(More)
OBJECTIVES In this report two cases of partial gastrocnemius muscle avulsion treated with pulsed therapeutic ultrasound are described. METHODS The outcome in these two dogs was evaluated using ultrasonographic imaging and the measurement of ground reaction forces with a force plate. RESULTS Both dogs showed an amelioration of the clinical signs within(More)
Ultrasonography of the gallbladder and biliary tract was performed on 42 cats: 22 clinically healthy cats (group A) and 20 cats with hepatobiliary disease and post mortem confirmation of gallbladder abnormalities (group B). The gallbladder wall was visible in 9 of 22 cats in group A and all 20 cats in group B. Additional gallbladder findings in group B(More)
This retrospective study was performed to investigate the diagnostic efficacy of the chemiluminometric ACTH-measurement to differentiate between pituitary and adrenal dependent hyperadrenocorticism (HAC) in dogs. 49 dogs with pituitary HAC, 10 dogs with adrenal HAC and 1 dog with a combination of both pathologies were included. Dogs with HAC like symptoms,(More)
Lameness in captive elephants is most commonly caused by pododermatitis or degenerative joint disease. Hard surfaces such as concrete, which produce a damp and cold environment, wet and muddy conditions, as well as restricted movement are the major causes of these problems. Radiography was performed in two African elephants at the Schoenbrunn Zoo in Vienna(More)
Erosive polyarthritis was diagnosed in an 11-month-old neutered male Egyptian Mau-cross cat with concurrent glucocorticoid-responsive dermatitis. Clinical signs, synovial fluid analysis, serological tests and radiographic appearance could not differentiate between immune-mediated and infective arthritis. Mycoplasma gateae was isolated by strictly anaerobic(More)
A 22-month-old, female rabbit was presented with a 1-day history of acute unilateral exophthalmos. Ultrasonography and computed tomography (CT) of the orbit revealed an orbital mass. Retrobulbar lymphoma was diagnosed following fine-needle aspiration biopsy (FNAB). Thoracic radiographs were normal, and ultrasonography of the abdomen showed focal hypoechoic(More)