Katharina Ledermann

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BACKGROUND Quantitative measures of 11C-raclopride receptor binding can be used as a correlate of postsynaptic D2 receptor density in the striatum, allowing 11C-raclopride positron emission tomography (PET) to be used for the differentiation of Parkinson's disease from atypical parkinsonian syndromes. Comparison with reference values is recommended to(More)
Dopamine D2/D3 receptor availability at rest and its association with individual pain perception was investigated using the [(11)C] raclopride PET-method in 24 female Fibromyalgia (FMS) participants with (FMS+, N=11) and without (FMS-, N=13) comorbid depression and in 17 healthy women. Thermal pain thresholds (TPT) and pain responses were assessed outside(More)
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