Katharina L. Lohmann

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BACKGROUND Substantially elevated blood D-lactate (DLA) concentrations are associated with neurocardiac toxicity in humans and animals. The neurological symptoms are similar to inherited or acquired abnormalities of pyruvate metabolism. We hypothesized that DLA interferes with mitochondrial utilization of L-lactate and pyruvate in brain and heart. METHODS(More)
AbstrAct This chapter discusses contemporary global challenges facing veterinary educators and summarizes some of the economic, social, political, and technological pressures underlying curricular and pedagogical change initiatives. Integrating human computer interaction (HCI) into veterinary medicine curricula, as a strategy for implementing pedagogical(More)
To investigate processing-and storage-dependent changes in D-and L-lactate concentration, blood samples from eleven healthy Holstein calves were spiked with 3 mM D-lactic acid and 3 mM L-lactic acid immediately following collection (time 0) or left untreated for comparison. Serum and plasma, respectively, were separated 0.5 hours following collection or(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the correlation between the half-time of liquid-phase gastric emptying (T50) determined by use of nuclear scintigraphy, using technetiumTc 99m pentetate, and absorption variables of orally administered acetaminophen in horses with experimentally delayed gastric emptying. ANIMALS 6 mature horses. PROCEDURE Delayed gastric emptying(More)
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